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Posted on June 15, 2018 at 8:42 PM

What was the forbidden fruit God talks about in the Book of Genesis?  You can ask random people (men & women) what was the forbidden fruit that Eve ate that is mentioned in the Book of Genesis.  Many people who have not studied the Word of God will say it was an Apple but there is no reference in the Bible that indicates the forbidden fruit was an Apple.

We know the fruit was a part of a tree in the garden that God instructed Adam to not eat from.  God told Adam he could freely eat from every tree but not from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Adam relayed God's command to Eve telling her the fruit from the tree in the midst of the garden was forbidden. 

We still eat apples today. We know that an apple was not the forbidden fruit.  Why did this fruit cause Adam & Eve to become aware of Good and Evil and caused their eyes to come open?  Adam and Eve could see prior to eating the forbidden fruit with their natural eyes.  Were their spiritual eyes opened and now they could recognize and understand right and wrong (Good & Evil) when prior to eating the forbidden fruit they did not know right from wrong and God had to tell them eating the fruit was wrong because they were unaware, oblivious to the consequences and no knowledge of sin.  Was the act of disobeying God as well as eating the forbidden fruit, sin?

The forbidden fruit was indicated to be pleasing to their eyes which meant it was alluring and enticing and could have provoked arousal.  I have never been aroused by fruit.  Apples, watermelon, kiwi, lemon, oranges, etc. does not have an arousing affect.  Beautiful things are usually pleasing to the eye but not all beautiful things are enticing or alluring.

I have always been curious as to what was the forbidden fruit.  Have you ever thought about it?  Eating the forbidden fruit was so powerful that it caused Adam and Eve to be separated from fellowship with God.  The enemy (serpent/Satan) knew the power of the forbidden fruit and his mission is to kill, steal and destroy the quality of life for mankind who he envied from the very beginning.  So Satan encouraged Eve to eat the forbidden fruit and Eve encouraged Adam to eat.  Eating the forbidden fruit was so powerful that it changed the course of their existence.  They were cast out of the presence of God, tossed from their beautiful, comfortable home, endured pain and hard labor.  This act of disobedience was so severe that God placed guards at the entrance of the garden to ensure that they did not return to their former comfortable home where they were cared for and had satisfactory provision.

So what fruit holds that kind of power over people to cause such destruction and pain?

Could the forbidden fruit that is mentioned in the Book of Genesis be sex?  Did Eve commit the first act of adultery when she ate the fruit? Did Adam commit the first act of homosexuality when Eve convinced him to eat the forbidden fruit?  Adam and Eve represented a married couple living in the presence of God.  When Adam disobeyed God and did not adhere to God's instructions and commandment, they were cast out of the presence of God and life became difficult for them, a consequence of disobedience and the eating of the forbidden fruit. 

Forbidden sex has been the downfall of many powerful men and women.  God instructs us to partake in sex only in the confines of marriage, forsaking all others and not allowing a third person to come in the marriage garden and disrupt and destroy.  When I say the marriage garden, I am speaking of  marital sex that should be protected and restricted from allowing a third person to enter and partake.

If sex was the fruit that got Adam and Eve cast out of the presence of God, this forbidden fruit is still causing havoc in the lives of many today.  It's only forbidden fruit when it is consumed outside of marriage and others are invited into the restricted space reserved for one man and one woman.

In today's society the forbidden fruit is loosely consumed and is acceptable between adults without commitment of marriage and in some cases many are invited to the table to eat without conviction or remorse.

Many think they have no control over their sexual desire and its alluring, enticing power.  Through the power of the Holy Spirit made available to us through the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ, we do have power to resist the forbidden fruit and control who is allowed to eat from the tree in our garden.  The Holy Spirit is our helper and stands ready, willing, and able to assist us with controlling our natural desires if we ask Him for help and have a true desire to obey God.

God breathe into Adam and Eve and gave them life.  He also gave them instructions on how to live a good life but they did not adhere to His instructions.  Satan convinced them they were missing out if they obeyed God. The good thing about today's world, is if you find yourself disobeying God in the matter of the forbidden fruit, you can repent (turn away) and start anew (fresh).  You have to have the desire and ask God for help and God will do the rest.  Sexual immorality is destructing mankind.  It takes spiritual knowledge to see and know the negative power of sexual immorality. 

YOUR BODY IS THE TEMPLE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT (if you are born again) AND IS NOT MADE FOR FORNICATION. God is our creator and He knows what is best for us.


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