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Posted on March 27, 2021 at 5:28 PM

As we celebrate Easter I'm amazed at the number of people who do not know the reason for the celebration.  It is the celebration of the resurrections of Jesus Christ.  Jesus, the Son of God, Born of a virgin Mary and died at the hands of His own creation.  On the third day, He got up from the grave with all power in heaven and on earth in His hands.  He reconciled mankind to God, causing the veil that separated mankind from the most holy place to be torn from top to bottom indicating that mankind no longer needed to go through a priest to access God's power and to communicate with God.  The bible indicates that the covenant we have in Jesus Christ is a superior covenant.  It is a greater covenant than the covenant of Moses.  The reason it is a superior more advantageous covenant is because the covenant we have in Jesus Christ covers the spiritual and natural realms.  The covenant we have with God through Jesus Christ is COMPLETE!  It covers you in the natural realm and when your soul leaves your natural body at death, it covers you so you don't have to be separated from God and it keeps you from going to the place of the dead (hell), separated from God eternally.

Everything that occurs in the natural realm is influenced and controlled by the spiritual realm.  Just because you can't see, touch or feel things in the spirit realm does not mean that it does not exist.  Jesus, our Savior sacrificed His body (flesh) so we could have an eternal relationship with God the Father.  Jesus was Jewish and He was the passover lamb for the new covenant.  Prior to Jesus Christ, every soul went to hell because there was no sacrifice that reconciled mankind eternally with God.  Of course, there was the exception of Enoch and Elijah.  God took them from the earth and they did not experience the body dying but was transformed without the body dying.  They were exceptional men because they believed God.  

Prior to Jesus Christ's sacrifice and resurrection, there were two compartments in hell.  One side for people who died under the covenant of Moses and one side for gentiles (non-jews).  There was a gap between them.  These souls waited in hell for the Messiah Jesus to come and set them free. The Jews knew that Jesus was coming to rescue them from hell because it was written in scripture that the Messiah was coming.  David, wrote about it in Psalms saying that the Lord would not leave his soul in hell.  David knew he would be set free from the bondage of hell.  

As predicted in scripture, when Jesus was crucified on the cross and His soul left His body, He went to hell and rescued the long awaiting Jews and gentiles.  He gave them an opportunity to received the salvation He made possible for them.  Salvation, eternal relationship and connection to God the Father.  It was a day of rejoicing in hell.  Jesus set the captives free.  The bible tells us that after Jesus rescued these souls from hell, the gap (chasm) that separated the Jews from the Gentiles was closed.  Now, anyone who dies who does not accept Jesus as Lord and receive the salvation (Holy Spirit) He made possible for mankind to receive, they go to hell, eternally separated from God the Father.  

With so many people dying from Covid-19 (Corona Virus), millions around the world dying, many are unsaved.  They have not received the salvation that Jesus Christ made possible.  With so many souls dying outside of the covenant of Christ, it is causing hell to erupt in the form of ash and larva.  Volcanic eruptions being fueled by unsaved souls.

If you are reading this blog post, you have time to accept Jesus as Lord and receive the Holy Spirit Jesus made possible for you to receive.  No mankind spends eternity with God outside of Jesus.  The Holy Spirit is the Light of God and you can receive the Holy Sprit by confessing Jesus is Lord and believing that He died for your sins, giving you the Holy Spirit to live in you.  After confessing Jesus is Lord, ask the Holy Spirit to come and live in you.  The bible tells us that Jesus sent a comforter, teacher, and healer (Holy Spirit) to assist us in the natural realm and to guide us.

Please feel free to leave your comments.  You can contact me and leave me a message by clicking the contact button on the home page.  I do read you comments :-).  


                   HAPPY RESURRECTION DAY!

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