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House of Nissi Ministries

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Posted on March 7, 2021 at 4:17 PM


      ~ROMANS 12:2

The Word of God (Bible) is an instruction manual written by men inspired by God (Holy Spirit) on how humans (God's creation) are to live their lives - a life that is pleasing to God and beneficial for humans.  In order to achieve a life pleasing to God and beneficial for you, in addition to the written Word of God, you need guidance from the Holy Spirit.

The world (Social System) teaches mankind to follow their human nature and desires, not exercising constraint or self-control.  When you compare the world system with God's Word you see opposition.  The two systems oppose one another in many aspects of life (relationships, money, health, etc.)  God's Word vs. World System.

When you decide in your mind to follow God and surrender to His Will, you begin to see yourself gravitate into a way of living (doing things) that most people in the world don't understand.  You are at that point considered peculiar, weird, strange and in some cases not desirable.  The more the world moves away from God's way of doing, the more of a foothold is given to God's adversary Satan to destroy.  Believe me, you don't want Satan to have a foothold in your life.

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord of your life and believe the Holy Spirit lives on the inside of you, the more uncomfortable you are doing things that oppose God.  You have an innate (Reborn - Born Again) nature that desires to please God.  The renewal process (Renewing Your Mind With the Word of God) can be painful emotionally because your old nature feels like it is at war against your new nature.  Until you can train your old nature to be subservient to your new nature allowing your new nature to rule, peace will not come.  Peace comes when your old nature knows its place is beneath your new nature.  The Holy Spirit can't rule in your life unless your nature is taught the ways of God; otherwise, your nature will do what it does naturally unaware that there is a better way.

Unfortunately, after the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, human nature in its fallen state desires to destroy itself.  It not only has desires to destroy itself, it believes it is doing what is right.  There is a way that seems right but the end leads to death. 

Matthew 7:13              Proverbs 12:15            Proverbs 14:12

Thus gravitating toward things that are not good and healthy.  This is the delible fingerprint of Satan whose desire from the beginning is to destroy mankind.  So God in His Love for mankind, His creation, sought to restore human nature back to gravitating toward things in the natural that are beneficial and healthy to produce an abundant life on earth and to be eternally connected to Him (God).


Lord, help us to gravitate toward and desire those things that bring and produce an abundant life on earth as it is in heaven.  We understand that Satan's intent is to destroy your creation but we know your desire Lord is for us to have an abundant life on earth and an eternal home with you.  We surrender to Your guidance and Your will.  In Jesus Name we pray.  


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