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Faith & Race

Posted on May 28, 2018 at 12:53 PM
During a recent ride using a ride service, I wont't say which service (Uber or Lyft), the driver and I were chatting and somehow the conversation shifted to faith.  The driver asked me if I was religious.  I told him I did not consider myself religious but righteous and that in my opinion religion has been very detrimental to the Christian faith.  The driver said, "Oh, so you are a Christian." I responded, "yes."  He then indicated that Christianity is a religion and I told him it was not a religion but a faith.  I went on to tell him that within the faith, there is religion, i.e., Baptist, Methodist, Evangelical, Catholic, Protestant, etc.  The various religions have not been a good witness to the Christian faith.  Religion has created wars turning brother against brother and neighbor against neighbor all in the name of religion.  Religion has surely made the Christian faith appear to be hypocritical.  The appearance of hypocrisy weakens the faith and takes the focus off of the true faith.  When all the religious layers are peeled away, the true faith and common denominator is Jesus Christ and the salvation He brought to the world.

Christians believe Jesus died for our sins and was resurrected to life so we too can experience what He did first but religion and the wicked hearts of people clouds the truth from being received for some.

Now back to the driver and what the driver indicated that he believes.  The driver indicated that he believes he is god and he connects to the universe.  He indicated that he believes that if you do good, good comes back to you.  I affirmed the fact that whatsoever you sow that shall you also reap and that sowing and reaping takes care of his natural, material existence but does not take care of his eternal existence. I asked him what sacrifice was made for him to connect to a Holy God and receive eternal salvation.  He said, "what do you mean?"  I indicated to him what makes you Holy enough to connect to a Holy God?  He responded, "I can't believe you buy into that white man's religion and you believe a white man died so you could connect to God."

First of all, Jesus was from the middle east and not European.  His appearance, as described in the Bible was a man with bushy hair like pure wool (coarse) and had feet that look like fine burned brass (color).  The images that are portrayed of Jesus are not accurate but were adapted to fit and be similar to the appearance of the artist.  The whole point of God making His Son's appearance "uncomely" was to take the focus off of His appearance so the focus would be on His Spirit and His actions.

The driver said to me, "So you believe that He is coming back again?"  I said, "yes, I do."  He said, "good luck with that one" and laughed.  The driver went on to say he was amazed how angry people get when discussing faith.  I told him in my case it was not anger but passion.  I don't judge people because of what they believe. People have a right and choice to believe what they choose.  If it impedes upon the physical safety and imposes bodily injuring upon another, in this country, that is a crime.  I told the driver to not judge me because i believe God had a Son who died to save me from eternal damnation and separation from God and His sacrifice connects me to God.  He said, "so you saying I'm going to hell because I don't believe."  God does not send anyone to hell, God gives you a choice.  Choose wisely!


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