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Posted on May 14, 2018 at 7:58 PM
Before I came to know & understand the Word of God as it relates to racial & ethnic matters, I questioned if God loved people of color (those with melanin in their skin that creates dark brown to black pigment in the hair, skin & eyes).  I was taught in my youth that Jesus loves us (people of color) but wondered why society had a hard time showing love toward people of color.  

I saw people of color disrespected, killed without consequence, disenfranchised, oppressed and trapped in a world system designed to enslave their capability to advance and rise up.  This type of treatment spans hundreds of years. Always looking like "tag along" instead of navigating rulers.

Even in the study of history, I found no great countries or empires that were ruled by people of color.  Even now, the world's power elite countries are not ruled by people of color but are only occupied by people of color.  Kanye West once stated that former President Bush #43 did not like black people in the aftermath of their treatment after Hurricane Katrina.  I, at one time, questioned if God liked black people.  Black people seemed to be the most hated & disrespected group of people in the whole world. There was a time when it was inferred that black people were descendants of Cain who was a laborer and whose offering the Lord did not respect the same way he respected his brother Abel. Cain became jealous and angry and killed Abel.  Cain suffered consequences for killing his brother Abel.  He became a fugitive and a vagabond and did not yield the amount of fruit for his labor that should have been yielded because of the consequence of his actions.

In my youth, I was taught white people think they are superior to black people.  Even in my youth, that did not make sense to me because I could not understand how there could be power in the color of a person's flesh.  All flesh decays and return to dust so how could flesh make you more superior than another.

I was curious why God did not respect Cain's offering as much as he respected Abel's offering.  I learned it was because Cain did not give God his best while Abel gave God his best and got the greater return.  It had nothing to do with their appearance (skin color) but had everything to do with putting God first and giving God your best.

Recently there seems to be an increase in activity, especially in law enforcement, that on the surface appears to be racially motivated.  The way law enforcement treat and react to whites as opposed to how they treat and react to blacks.  There is definitely a disparity in treatment.  A white man shoots and kills 17 people and is arrested without as much as a scratch while a black man who has a misdemeanor traffic violation results in death by the hands of law enforcement and without consequence other than public outcry and protest.

In spending time in the Word of God and much prayer, I realize that God is not responsible in anyway for racism.  As a matter of fact, God's Word instructs against it.  He tells us in His Word that He is no respecter of persons and that we are One in the Spirit.  One, meaning no one is greater or lesser but the same. This is the result of Jesus Christ's sacrifice on the cross.  However, the Born-again Spirit is greater than those who live and conduct themselves opposite of God but there is no superiority in the Born-again Spirit (Holy Spirit).  The Holy Spirit is available to all mankind and therefore if the whole world was Born-again it would recognize racism is not of God.

I can see how thinking you are superior because of your flesh could have a measure of power because God said, as a man/woman thinks so is he/she.  The key is right thinking and purified hearts.  Both of which comes from knowing the Word of God and a Born-again Spirit.

I was deceived when I had no knowledge of the Word of God and did not rely upon my Born-again Spirit to teach me. Don't ever allow anyone to make you feel inferior regarding your skin color.  This notion of lighter skin is better is so ingrained in our society that people are harming themselves trying to get lighter skin.  Trust God and believe Him when He says He does not respect you based on skin color or any other reason.  He does respect how you receive Him.  Trusting in the color of your flesh is idolatry (idol worship).  It indicates that you believe your power comes from something other than God.

It's going to take a supernatural move of God to correct the racial divide in the world.  If an earthquake occurs or a tornado forms and causes destruction, neither the tornado or the earthquake are going to differentiate what to destroy based on the property owners color.  Destruction will not bypass you and your property based on your skin color. I use this as an analogy to further show there is no power in the flesh except when it is occupied by the Holy Spirit.  Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.

Satan knows that if society eradicates racial divide and promotes Holy Spirit unity among all people, the world (society) will begin to look more like the Garden of Eden, more glorious and beautiful for all mankind.  When you are taught you are inferior and destined to be a vagabond and fugitive and you believe it, you will live as you believe.  That's why it is so important to know and believe right.  Knowing that God loves you regardless of your skin color.  Knowing that He says you are fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are the works of God's hand. Psalm 139:14  In Him, we are all One Spirit without respect of skin color.


     Please feel free to post your comments and/or questions

                             BE  AND STAY BLESSED

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